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The Need to be Written

Journalists like to ask provocative and probing questions, don’t they? In my first online interview as a newly published author, I was asked, “Why do you think your book needed to be written?” To be honest, I had never thought about why it needed to be written. I had only considered whether or not it would be written by me. So why did The Globalisation of Love need to be written, anyway? Globalisation is about people. Forget about big business and international economics, the most profound influence of globalisation is – that’s right, you’ve heard it here before! – people from everywhere are falling in love with people from everywhere else. A Toronto Star article written by Gillian Steward quoted some Canadian statistics on what she calls ‘mixed marriages’, which is what I call GloLo marriages, to use The Globalisation of Love parlance. She writes that between 2001 and 2006, “mixed unions grew at a rapid pace (33 per cent), more than five time the growth for all couples”. I liked the comparison between growth rates of all couples compared to GloLo marriages. It is a social phenomenon that is on the rise. It is, quite literally, the globalisation of love. And that’s why The Globalisation of Love needed to be written. There is a world or romance happening out there! To read the full interview on ExpatBookShop, click here.



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10/31/23:  Scandinavian Art Show


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11/29/23:  Lecture: History of Art


12/1/23:  Installations 2023 Indie Film Festival

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