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The globalisation of The Globalisation of Love

Well, it’s happening. The Globalisation of Love has been on the market since November 13th and has taken on a life of its own. ‘My’ GloLo book has become ‘a’ book, and that means that things have moved beyond my control (not always easy to deal with from a proud self-proclaimed control freak). The Globalisation of Love is circulating out there and a couple of interesting things have happened. Firstly, strangers – yes, people who do not know me and do not feel obligated to support a new, starving author – have purchased the book. THANK YOU to all you strangers out there who bought my book, er, I mean the book. I consider all of you my new best friends.

Secondly, strangers are starting to write reviews about The Globalisation of Love. Sometimes the strangers contact me and request a book to review. (I know, great job, free books whenever you fancy.) Other strangers just write the review without my even knowing about it which makes me feel like a real author and also scares the pants off me (remember the part above about ‘control freak’). Shelley Antscherl, an English journalist who lives in British Columbia, Canada (really, I swear we’ve never met) wrote a review for the Dutch News – talk about the globlisation of book reviews! Obviously Shelley is my new best friend. Read Shelley’s review.

But wait, there’s more. Anthony Windram, an Englishman ‘displaced’ to California, from The Displaced Nation also wrote a review of The Globalisation of Love and referred to GloLo as a ‘self-help book’. I am frequently asked ‘what will readers gain from GloLo?’ and I do have a long list of impressive answers of course, however I never really thought of GloLo in the ‘self-help’ category. So again, control over GloLo is long gone, and the consequences of my work are not always in the way I had intended. Also, Anthony’s review is somewhat mixed shall we say, and I think he wanted to hurl the book across the living room at one point (my mom told me that he was just jealous that he had not written the book first). Maybe his review doesn’t make us best friends forever, but he still wrote a worthy review and I thank him for his diligence. Here is Anthony’s review

So that is the status of The Globalisation of Love, whether being hailed in The Hague or flying across the room on the California coast, somehow the book has wings. It’s the globalisation of The Globalisation of Love.



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